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3 Wheel Electric Forklift Truck 1ton 1.5ton


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Product Description

3 Wheel Electric Forklift Main Products Features:

1.Advanced Curtis controller, more stable and safer.

2.Maintenance-free AC drive system makes the vehicle react more quickly and accurately, And Counterbalance Forklift Truck is equipped with a full AC system.

3.Pure electric steering and small steering force makes the operator comfortable and energy saving.

4. Three sets of brake systems provide safety protection for the forklift and operator regardless of whether the forklift is in operation or not.

5. The application of pure electric steering, electronically controlled automatic temperature control system and other technologies makes the forklift endurance strong.

6. Multi-way valve controls the lifting and lowering of the fork, and the control precision is high.

7.Standard turning speed limit and high lifting speed limit.

8. The steering wheel and seat position are adjustable