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4 Wheel Electric Forklift Truck 1Ton-3.5Ton


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Product Description

Electric Forklift Battery operated electric forklift, electric forklift truck, 4-wheel electric forklift is easy to operate and more environmental than internal combustion forklift. With low noise, easy recharge, and free maintenance features. It is being used in the fields of electronic、food、Chemical industry. At present, it only covers more than 22% market. In the future, it will be appreciated and used by more and more consumers.

Equipped with American Curtis electric control system; High voltage and large capacity battery can supply the forklift with strong power; DC or AC motors are optional according to customers' requirements.

Applications of LED headlights/warning lights, low-resistance tires, steering automatic dormancy, and electronically controlled automatic temperature control systems make the forklift endurance strong.